When Your Child Insists There is a Monster in the Room

Sometimes it happens as early as 7 PM and other times it may not take place until the middle of the night when you are fast asleep. You hear some rustling coming from your child’s room and then there is the tell-tale sound of little feet running down the hallways with the yell of “Daddy, Daddy!” immediately following it. You jump up to see what is wrong only to be told that there are monsters in the room and your child cannot go to sleep in there. No matter how much reasoning and understanding you try nothing seems to convince your son or daughter of anything different. Instead of getting upset or frustrated, there are some other things you can do when your child insists there is a monster in the room.


The First Step
Typically kids around the ages of three to five will go through issues of believing monsters are in the house. It is usually around this age that their imaginations are starting to develop and kick in and they may come to believe they see or hear something in many places in the house. All of the games, television, movies, books and Internet access have made this even more prevalent today than before. Whether you decide to tell your child that monsters are not real and reason with them or play along and come up with solutions to bravely rid the house of monsters is up to you. What you want to make sure to do, however, is realize that the fears they are experiencing are real and you want to find a way to deal with them.
Facing the Monsters
While some children may agree with you when you say monsters are not real, they still are going to need some reassurances that nothing is there. You can do a quick search of the area, show there is nothing there and then allow your child to have a nightlight or flashlight in bed so they can feel safe and see nothing is there. If they still believe they are real, you may want to ask your child what you might need to do to get rid of the monsters. You can explain that they are not real but ask what would be the best way to eliminate the monsters and come up with a solution together.


Give Them the Power
The best approach once you have figured out a way to get rid of the monsters is to give your child the power to do it whenever they may need to. Whether it is turning on the flashlight or nightlight, singing a particular song or having a special stuffed animal or character with them, you want it to be something that gives them the power to overcome the problem so that they can overcome the fear themselves.


Once you have found a way to conquer the monsters the idea may begin to slowly fade away as your child grows out of it. Once you have shown the strength to help abolish the monsters from your child’s bedroom you may want to work on getting rid of that monster of a car in the garage. It might be time for you to head over to a quality fiat dealer Los Angeles has in OC Fiat. They can help you overcome that monster of your own and have you inside a new car that makes you feel better.