What To Do If Your Son Wants to Learn to Play the Drums

It usually happens at a pretty young age to start with. One of your family members or friends decides it would be a cute idea to get your toddler a drum or bongos as a gift for a birthday or holiday. Of course they think the gift is cute since they do not have to live with a child banging a drum at all hours of the day or night. While some kids lose interest in the drums after a short while, there are others that may stay with an interest in it and once they are older decide that the drums are the instrument they love and they want to learn to play. Hold onto your hats – here are a few things you can do when your son or daughter decides they want to learn to play the drums.


• Give Them Encouragement – As much as you may not be thrilled with the particular choice they have made in instruments, the fact is that they are interested and excited about learning to play an instrument in the first place. In the age where many children only want to look at a computer, smartphone or video game on television, this is a great creative and inspiration outlet for your child so you should try to support it as best as possible.

• Look at Your Options – There is a big difference between learning to play the drums and being a professional drummer. While drum kits can be large and quite expensive, when your child is first starting out there is no need for you to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, particularly if it turns out that they do not really like playing drums and then you need to figure out what to do with all of this stuff. Early lessons can often be given just using a drum pad or a single snare drum until they begin to learn more.


• Controlling the Noise – It is not everyone that has a soundproof room where your child can practice the drums. Instead of that or making them practice at your in-laws’ house, you do have a few options. You can invest in an electric drum set with headphones. This can provide your child with the drums they need to practice on without the noise spreading throughout the house. Many drummers use these drums for practice because they are small and portable, letting them practice anywhere, and they provide a quality acoustic sound.


• Find Some Help – You might also want to look into finding a place that offers practice space for rental for music. Many music schools or other schools will rent out space for practice sessions so this can provide a great alternative for having to buy an expensive kit for the house and dealing with the noise.
In the end you want to give your child encouragement and let them learn to play if that is what they really want to do. It may turn out to be something that they do for many years and really enjoy. In the meantime, you may want to go down to your local used cars los angeles dealership or visit http://www.mcpeeksdodge.com/ so you can find a great car with an awesome sound system so you have a place for sanctuary while drum practice is going on.