Tips for Buying Your Teen’s First Car

It’s hard to believe, but your little girl (or boy) is all grown up and has a license. Now you want to do something for her (or him) to show how proud you are – you want to give the gift of a car. Buying your teen a car can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some tips from Spokane Washington car sales that will help you through the process.

Set a Budget. Make sure you set a budget that you are comfortable with, and make sure you let your teen know what that budget is. He or she might try to get a little more out of you (hey, you’re dealing with a teen; it’s in their nature to want more), but don’t be convinced. You know what you can afford, and you shouldn’t stretch your limits.

Make a Checklist. What do you and your teen want in a car? Safety and gas mileage are likely two things that you will be interested in, but your teen is probably more interested in the size, the make and model and the color. Discuss the features that you both want and make compromises. Create a checklist that contains all of the essential elements that you have both agreed on.

Start Shopping. With checklist in hand, head to the car lots with your teen. Remember to stick to the list. Don’t veer off track, otherwise you will have a hard time getting back on.