The breakthrough of automotive parts dilemma scenario is correspond with powder metallurgy technology

items systematic and modular level isn’t high. Along with the not reasonable product structure, the introduction of current parts industry has lagged far behind the automotive industry. For example engine parts hooking up fishing rod and camshaft have lag technologies. Additionally they modify the rapid growth and development of automobile industry to some degree.

The present Chinese auto parts businesses not just confronted with fierce competition within the fierce impact of multinational companies and Chinese businesses homogenization, extrusion and downstream from the upstream raw material plastic powders costs from the host and marketers constantly improve the high quality standards. The status on most Chinese auto parts businesses may be the low-level of specialty area, product capacity is weak. Most parts businesses doesn’t have the merchandise development abilities, product, depend mainly on OEM, it is not easy to adjust to the needs of car substitute, lower their core competition. Consequently, businesses underneath the pressure of rising costs and may not effectively get passing, forcing the amount of corporate earnings still decline.

Face the present difficulties, and positively cultivate their core competition is just about the current business problem that requires addressing. Automobile core components, with greater added value: the engine intake and exhaust valves, engine hooking up fishing rod within the transmission gear synchronizer cone ring and pump the primary driven gear and so forth. These elements, the main technology from the mainstream, would be the metal powder technology. Link may be the important parts around the engine, hooking up fishing rod fatigue test strain on the development of models and sketches provided, and needs underneath the load from the fatigue cycles to achieve greater than 5 million.

Chinese minor vehicle engine hooking up fishing rod frequently uses forged steel hooking up fishing rod and casting fishing rod. Its fatigue time is tough to achieve greater than 500 000. Since the tendon areas of the hooking up fishing rod isn’t though cutting. A little defect will has great influences around the hooking up rods fatigue existence. Foreign mainstream rods always employ powder forging, like the GM’s Buick. The Germany’s BMW even connects fishing rod to attain a tensile strength of 1041MPa. Therefore, to be able to cultivate the main competitivenessPsychology Articles, main concern issue is to find the introduction of powder metallurgy technology.