How would you Claim for your Car Insurance Policy from New India Assurance?

Following are the steps to take should the need to claim the policy arises. It can be broadly classified into three situations as stated under-

  1. The Vehicle Suffering Accidental Damage
  • One should immediately inform the nearest office. A claim form will be issued by them.
  • Bring a copy of the registration certificate and the driving license of the driver in concern along with the claim form, duly filled, and an estimate of repairs needed.
  • If a major accident has occurred, the company will send one or more surveyors at the accident spot to survey. For less than major ones, the surveyor will still be present to investigate the matter and send a report to the company.
  • The insured will have to sign all the necessary bills/cash memos before the approval.
  • After the claim has been approved, the company may require you to submit the remains of the damaged portions of the car, if any.

The company will investigate on the authenticity of the accident and then decide to send the compensatory damage amount accordingly.

  1. If the Car is Stolen

Certain unfortunate incidents might occur in the locality such as serial robbery, riots, violence, etc. momentary breakdown of law and order pose a perfect situation for a car to be stolen. What to follow to file a claim is mentioned below-

  • First, lodging an F.I.R. at the nearest police precinct is necessary.
  • Taking the copy of the F.I.R., rush to the nearest branch of the New India Assurance car insurance company.
  • Wait for the final police report to arrive post investigation. Then, submit the same to the policy people.
  • The company will send a surveyor in this matter too. Extend full cooperation to the person concerned for smooth investigation.
  • Next, the registration certificate is to be transferred to the company in its name right after the claim has been approved. Submit a stamp paper notarized which should contain the letter of Subrogation and Indemnity, to the company. Finally, upon reception of the claim, hand over the car keys to the insurance company.
  1. Claiming for Liability

By liability claim, we mean the compensation asked by the car owner in return for paying a third person. Your car might get involved in damaging someone else’s property. In that case, you are liable to pay for the damage. How you claim this money is explained in the steps below-

  • Inform the insurance company immediately letting them know of this incident as soon as it happens.
  • You may receive a Court Summons, for which you have to appear at the court. Send a copy of the same to the company too.
  • Attach the driving license, registration certificate, and FIR along with the claim form to the company.

The money will be dispatched for the corresponding proceedings.

Having read the detailed procedure above, it will be easier now to file the claim if you end up in a situation similar to the ones mentioned above.