China’s auto supplies (Zhengzhou) Fair

June 26-28, 2009, china automotive supplies vehicle modification, explosion-proof membrane, automotive electronics, vehicle maintenance (Zhengzhou) Fair (first half) is really a effective conclusion. From Zhengzhou Auto Supplies Exhibition from the first half to 3 days on-site participants booth scale grand type of diversification, the recognition is comparatively strong turnover total purchases in comparison to considerably increase over the year before.

China automotive supplies (Zhengzhou) Fair points, other half complete comprehensive showing companies and a range of items vehicle film contest modified show, automotive supplies, model contest, theme activities, like the current Zhengzhou vehicle supplies Fair highlights not just enhance the content featuring from the reveal, more perspective taken by many people businesses within the automotive supplies industry marketing methods as well as their product marketing idea, without doubt residing in the automotive supplies industry within and outdoors parties lead to thought.

The very first half popular features of Vehicle Add-ons Fair (Zhengzhou)

Small and big brands to special fashion show debut entirely traditional style display doesn’t alter the true nature of

June 26-28, automotive supplies in China (Zhengzhou) Fair the very first half grand meeting on the very first day, I discovered that automotive supplies exhibition site in Zhengzhou to have fun playing the automotive supplies exhibition in Zhengzhou vehicle maintenance, automotive electronics, vehicle modification and it is solar film information mill large-scale special decoration booth participants, lots of big brands like V-KOOL, master film, Bekaert, Honeywell doesn’t alter the traditional characteristics of, conserve a consistent type of previous exhibition. Additionally, I discovered the exhibition from the vehicle maintenance companies for example Red Hatt, blue color, Guangzhou, Guangzhou glory, Katai Ke solar film companies for example Federal, Bekaert,

Primary items: vehicle dvd player as well as in vehicle camera, are with higher quality.

Division for Ha Nita, WELGO Master Publish The video, amber optics, sharp modified vehicle companies for example PIAA, etc. are nearly a hundred a treadmill hundred scale special booth looks, participants transporting items paid for for nearly industry 1 / 2 of each special booth not just published the detailed The development of the enterprise and it is core items, but additionally develop a demo or experience with the niche items area. You can observe, using the thriving growth and development of the domestic automotive supplies industry, increasingly more companies have launched into a brandname choosing the road to development, the exhibition, numerous automotive supplies business isn’t just exquisite special booth appearance, more inside a unique method to launch its latest product.

None other, gift Retailers started to consider shape yet created a sizable-scale culture

The main vehicle maintenance, solar film, vehicle modification, the automotive electronics clients are also engrossed in hard methods to draw in purchasers from the exhibition conceptFree Articles, some businesses have designated particularly to staff in order to employ a part-time staff within the hallways towards the discharge of information to be able to attract the purchasers from the exhibition concept.