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Contraband Thomas Keller Bacon

I had an amazing epiphany the other night. I took Bryan to dinner at The Six, the West LA restaurant I reviewed last month. We ordered the beet panzanella but the kitchen forget to add its signature crumbles of bacon to the dish. After quickly realizing the kitchen’s snafu (we were oblivious to the bacon’s absence), our waiter brought us a plate of hot bacon strips. They were amazing; better than any bacon I’ve ever had. I can’t even explain why…the bacon was just perfect. Not too crispy, too chewy, too oily or cut too thick. Just great.

When chef David Gussin came out halfway through our meal to say hello, I asked him if the bacon was the same bacon he had served during my February food blogger dinner, a special cut from a Louisiana pig farm. He said it wasn’t; it was Hobbs’ bacon, widely known throughout the culinary community as Thomas Keller’s (French Laundry, Bouchon) bacon of choice.
Then he said something I never thought possible: “I can sell you some if you want.”

Sell me some? The Thomas Keller bacon could be mine, right there and then, at the restaurant? While I had heard rumors of a friend negotiating a price on a tub of truffle honey from Carnevino in Vegas, I had no idea you could do that. But I jumped on the opportunity. Six dollars and an incognito brown bag later, one pound of Hobbs bacon was mine.
Since then I’ve been doing nothing but making bacon. Here’s a breakfast I made for Bryan the other day before his two-hour therapy extravaganza: two eggs sunny side up, two pieces of whole grain toast with sliced avocado and of course, the bacon. Ahhh, the bacon.

I’m not sure if I’m the last person on earth to know about this little contraband restaurant food trade, but I’m really excited about it. So the next time you’re at a restaurant and eat something you just can’t live without, ask your server or chef if you can buy some. The worst they can say is “no,” but I suspect they’ll say yes!

The Stove Restaurant: Mammoth Lakes’ Best Breakfast Spot

I’ve been driving to work the last few mornings wondering, “Where did everyone go?” It seems like the vast majority of Angelenos have taken August off, ironically leaving the roads clear for the rest of us not fortunate enough to go on a last-hurrah summer vacay. I’m jealous… errr… happy for them! While there might be a vast difference between soaking up Maui’s UV’s vs. my office’s florescent rays, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about where I would take a quickie vacation. I wouldn’t go anywhere extravagent or long-term; instead I’d like to replicate a trip my parents used to take us on every summer to Mammoth Lakes. We’d jump into the car at 3 a.m., (to be fair, I was carried in a sleep-induced haze) and head North, timing the six-hour drive so we could arrive just in time for breakfast at The Stove: an age-old breakfast dive in the tiny mountain town, famous for heaping plates of blueberry pancakes, waffles, ham steaks, eggs and mason jars of iced coffee. The meal would kick-off our trip perfectly, and we’d spend the rest of the week hiking, catching trout and enjoying al fresco meals on the deck of a Lake Mary cabin.
The Stove: A Mammoth Lakes Institution

Just about a year ago my husband and I were driving home from a wedding in Lake Tahoe and we made a special stop at The Stove. He had never been to Mammoth Lakes and it had been years since I had been back to The Stove, so it was only natural that we stop. Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Maybe it was the nostalgia or the clean mountain air, but everything was just as I remembered it. The wood decor, the line out the door, and the unfazed waitresses flip-flopping between taking orders, slinging food and bussing tables. We ordered a mountain of food to share: ham and scrambed eggs, blueberry pancakes and banana pancakes dotted with crunchy macadamia nuts.
Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

World’s Best Bite

Banana & Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Bryan couldn’t believe the portion sizes when they arrived, remarking that they seemed designed for carbo-loading before an all-day hike. From my previous experiences with my family, that’s absolutely true. The ham and eggs nearly cascaded off their plate and the “short” stack of pancakes was anything but, yet we cleaned those plates as though our upcoming 300-mile trip back to L.A. was a foot race, not a drive.
(Ham) Steak & Eggs

Mason Jar Iced Coffee, complete with old-school Honey Bear!
It’s been nearly a year since that meal and I’m vicariously reliving it through the photos! Maybe a quick drive north is in order…

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Give Your Guacamole The Grill Treatment

Every cook has their “foolproof” recipe. You know, a go-t0 recipe that is sure to please a couple at an intimate dinner party or a Super Bowl party for 20. My playbook includes rockstar guacamole recipe that calls for avocados, tomatoes, garlic, onion, lime, cilantro, a few splashes of hot sauce, and salt and pepper. That’s it. It’s not the simplest of guacamoles, but it’s a winner every time.
How can we make this taco better? Add grilled guacamole!
Two nights ago Bryan and I had just gotten back from Las Vegas — mostly business for me, mostly pleasure for him — and we wanted an easy homecooked dinner. We went with steak tacos, knowing we could throw some meat and corn tortillas on the grill, top it with chopped onions and cilantro and call it done. That sounded great by itself, but I upped the ante and chopped up some homemade pico de gallo. Then Bryan said, “If you’re going to make pico de gallo, maybe you could make guacamole, too?” How can I say no to an adorable man who loves my guacamole more than most things in life? Especially when he picks up the puppy and pretends to have Charlie ask for the guacamole?
Throw Your Avocados on the Grill & Thank Me Later.
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I was suckered in, but I was inspired by the grill. I threw a jalapeño, slices of sweet onion and halved cloves of garlic on the grill for a few minutes. No salt or pepper. The veggies were naked. When they got some nice grill marks, I chopped them up and added them to a small bowlful of chopped tomato, cilantro and lime juice. Then I halved the avocado, sprinkled it with salt and pepper and threw it face down on the grill. After about 2 minutes the avocado was sporting gorgeous grill marks, and I spooned it out into the bowl, mashing it ever so slightly into the other ingredients (keeping the integrity of the chunks). As a finishing touch, I threw in a few dashes of jalapeño hot sauce and the guac was done. Up until then, my signature guacamole had never been given the grill treatment, but I’m so glad I did it! Grilling the veggies gave the jalapeño and the onion a slight smokiness while mellowing out the garlic’s bite. The heat made the avocado almost silky and incredibly easy to mash. Not to mention, the grill marks were a lovely touch.
Never grilled your guac? Try it out and share with your tips below!